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Doctor’s Orders is now available at Amazon so I’m celebrating with a snippet! #BDSM #sirenauthor

Doctor’s Orders is now available on Amazon!  I’m celebrating with a little snippet… Enjoy!

She wanted to reach out and touch Nate. His smooth golden skin beckoned, and she could see his muscles bunch as he held himself above her. She tugged at the restraints, but they held her firmly. Nate paused and gave her a grin.

“Don’t pull so hard on those, Brianne. If you bruise your delicate wrists, I’ll have to punish you.”

Brianne felt more honey leak from her pussy at Nate’s assertion that she might earn a punishment. She couldn’t help but wonder what being punished by him would be like.

“I want to touch you, too, Nate.” Brianne gave the restraints another hard tug.

Brianne had barely got the words out before she found herself rolled over on her belly and a large, male hand came sharply down on her ass.

Smack! Smack!

“Ouch! Holy Shit!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“How do you address me, slave? And do not swear. You will be punished for that.”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The spanking hurt more than she thought it would, but the heat quickly turned to a blooming pleasure and her clit swelled to attention.

“Master! I’m sorry! Master!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

She felt herself being turned back over, and her sore ass rubbed against the sheets.

“That’s better, slave. As for touching me, you do not touch your Master without permission. Right now, you do not have permission. You must earn that privilege, along with many other privileges.”



Plenty To Learn (Plenty, FL 2) – Saturday Snippet #menage #eroticromance

A little snippet from my WIP, Plenty To Learn.  This is the second in the Plenty, FL series.

“What did you say about my ass, Sheriff?”

Ryan gave her a swat on that ass and pulled her into his arms, caressing the butt cheek he’d just warmed up.  “I said your fine ass has been driving me crazy all night.  It was all I could do not to bend you over a table and fuck you hard right there in front of the church choir and the ladies auxiliary.”

“Not to mention my mother and your father.”  She rubbed herself against him and felt his hard cock pushing on his fly.  “Jackson got to spank my ass, you know.  Are you jealous?”

She wanted to tease him just a little.  She’d enjoyed that spanking and Cassie was right about coming hard right after one.  Maybe she could goad Ryan into spanking her tonight, too.

Hope you enjoyed it!  If you haven’t checked out the first book in the series, Plenty To Come, it’s available from Siren-Bookstrand.



Just what is light bondage anyway?

I am always a little tickled when reading a description of an erotic romance and it includes the words “light BDSM” or “light bondage”.  What does that mean exactly?  Who decides what light bondage is?  Is there some criteria somewhere that I should be aware of?  If they use handcuffs or silk scarves is that light bondage but if the chains come out does it become heavy bondage?  Come to think of it, I have never seen a description that said “heavy bondage” so perhaps heavy bondage doesn’t exist.  Maybe there is only bondage and light bondage.  If someone is restrained more than once in the book does it not pass as light bondage anymore?  Would the criteria look like this?

Two hands, but no legs – light bondage

Two hands, two legs – bondage

Two hands, two legs, and a blindfold – heavy bondage

Two hands, two legs, and nipple clamps – heavy bondage

Two hands, nipple clamps, and a blindfold – bondage

Two hands, nipple clamps, and a gag – bondage

Two hands and a spanking – bondage

Two hands, nipple clamps, and a spanking – heavy bondage

I’m guessing a leg spreader or a clit clip would blow the ratings out of the water.  Any sort of wax play would automatically take them out of the realm of light bondage as would kneeling before your master and paying an oral tribute.  Don’t even get me started on any anal play…

Any thoughts?