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Just what is light bondage anyway?

I am always a little tickled when reading a description of an erotic romance and it includes the words “light BDSM” or “light bondage”.  What does that mean exactly?  Who decides what light bondage is?  Is there some criteria somewhere that I should be aware of?  If they use handcuffs or silk scarves is that light bondage but if the chains come out does it become heavy bondage?  Come to think of it, I have never seen a description that said “heavy bondage” so perhaps heavy bondage doesn’t exist.  Maybe there is only bondage and light bondage.  If someone is restrained more than once in the book does it not pass as light bondage anymore?  Would the criteria look like this?

Two hands, but no legs – light bondage

Two hands, two legs – bondage

Two hands, two legs, and a blindfold – heavy bondage

Two hands, two legs, and nipple clamps – heavy bondage

Two hands, nipple clamps, and a blindfold – bondage

Two hands, nipple clamps, and a gag – bondage

Two hands and a spanking – bondage

Two hands, nipple clamps, and a spanking – heavy bondage

I’m guessing a leg spreader or a clit clip would blow the ratings out of the water.  Any sort of wax play would automatically take them out of the realm of light bondage as would kneeling before your master and paying an oral tribute.  Don’t even get me started on any anal play…

Any thoughts?