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Welcome Tonya Romagos!

I’m going all “Fan Girl” today, because my very special guest is Tonya Romagos! Tonya was one of the first erotic romance authors I read, and she helped hook me on this genre. She has a new release today on Siren and she’s here to tell us about all about it. Take it away, Tonya!

Tell us about your latest book?
Controlling the Burn is a M/M smoke jumper erotic romance. Drew Ward knows how to keep his head in the game and, now that he’s accomplished his mission to become one of the elite Loveland Smoke Jumpers, he’s turning his attention to the man he’s wanted nearly half his life. Seasoned smoke jumper Wesley Payton might be twenty years younger, but he’s one hot-bed of perfection Drew aims to have and he won’t stop his pursuit until Wesley belongs to him.
Wesley has avoided being caught alone with Drew for six weeks, but he hasn’t managed to evade the fire burning inside him for the younger man. Drew is sinfully sexy, dangerously tempting, and Wesley knows if he lets the man get too close he’ll be toast. But Drew isn’t a man who backs off easily and when Wesley suddenly finds himself in the man’s arms, he knows he’s parachuted into a wildfire he won’t be able to control.

Plotter or Pantser?
A little of both. I start with character sheets, get to know what everyone looks like and what really makes them tick. I also keep a file for ideas, sentences that pop into my head that don’t fit right away, and anything I know I need or want to add into the story at some point. That file grows and shrinks as the story unfolds. Then I start to write and let the characters tell the story to me and the readers.
What makes a great hero?
Strength, attitude, perseverance, and just the right amount of sensitivity. Oh, and ripped muscles, lean hips, and a marvelous “package”, of course. 🙂
Do you have anything in common with your characters?
I have something in common with each character I write no matter how large or small the role he/she plays in the novel. It might be a minute detail or a really big thing, but there’s always something about each character that I see as a common trait between the two of us.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Not exactly love at first sight, but a sort of “knowing” you’ve found the one. Love takes time to grow. Getting to know someone, exploring who they are and what makes them tick, spending time together and letting them explore you are all important progressions to falling in love. I don’t believe you can have that truly deep-set emotion on sight. However, I do believe sometimes we instinctively know the person we are looking at is the one we will fall in love with as time goes on.
Have there been any real-life love stories that have inspired you?
Sadly, no. I can’t think of any. 😦
Who are some of your favorite authors?
Sophie Oak, Raina James, Lara Santiago, Morgan Ashbury, Lora Leigh, Nora Roberts, and Suzanne Brockmann to name a few 🙂
Do you have any advice for aspiring writers trying to get published?
Write. Don’t just talk about it, don’t make excuses about it. Do it! Even if it’s only a few words a day, every word written gets you one word closer to the end.
What is the hardest thing about being a writer?
Time management. I’m a full-time author so luckily I no longer have to juggle another job and writing, too. However, between my sweetheart and I we have 5 kids ranging in ages from 2-18. Only 2 live with us full-time, but we have all of them as often as possible. Working a schedule around my sweetheart’s schedule, the children, and everything else life loves to throw our way is the biggest challenge I find in my career. Still, as I said above to the aspiring writer, I make time. Writing is what I love and there’s always a spare second or two here or there to get a few words on the screen.
What are you currently working on?
I’m writing 2 books at the moment. The first is In MIB Custody, a M/F/M erotic romantic suspense which will be book 6 of The Service Club series. I’m also working on Powerful Awakening, a M/M/F erotic paranormal romance which will be book 2 of the L.U.S.T. series.
What do you do when you’re not writing?
I read a lot, play darts on a Thursday night team with my sweetheart, and spend the rest of the time with our children. We love to hike, ride bikes, and just about anything else we can find to do outdoors.
How can your fans find you on the net?
Fans can find me at the following links:
Website: http://www.tonyaramagos.com
Blog: http://tonyaramagos.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tonya.ramagos
Twitter: @tonyaramagos
Buy links: http://www.bookstrand.com/tonya-ramagos

Thank you so much for visiting with us today, Tonya! I wish you much success on this new release!