Are You A Valentine’s Day Believer? #sirenauthor

For some people, Valentine’s Day is right up there with the High Holy Days. It’s a day to send Valentine’s to not only our “special” someone but to family and friends, too. I know some of these people and I admit that I smile when I get a valentine in the mail. BE MINE, it usually says or some variation. And I am their friend so I guess it’s okay. It reminds me of when we decorated show boxes in grade school with red and pink construction paper and paper lace doilies in anticipation of getting all those little valentine’s from our school friends. Maybe, just maybe, we might get a valentine from him. You know, the really cute boy in school. If we did, we’d look at the valentine over and over again as if it had some special meaning. It may have, but it probably didn’t. Little Johnny probably was told to send a valentine to every classmate.
Other people look at Valentine’s Day as a day to be romantic with just one special someone. A day to send flowers or candy, go to dinner, send a card, buy a funny stuffed animal. Restaurants are packed with those people on Valentine’s evening. The card section at Target looks like a war zone and Godiva and the flower shops make a killing. This is what romance is, we are told. Flower allergy? Take a Zyrtec.
The, of course, there are the Valentine’s Day Non-Believers. I dated a particularly militant one in my youth. He was a nice guy but felt that society shouldn’t tell him when to be romantic.
“I don’t need Hallmark telling me to be romantic on a specific day.”
I would have supported his right to be romantic on other days, but that was the problem. He was never romantic. Ever. On any other day. I told him that Valentine’s Day was for guys like him. Guys that never remember to be romantic. It was society’s way of reminding people to appreciate someone if only by buying them silk boxers or overpriced flowers.
I’m somewhere between a believer and a non-believer. I hope that I treat my husband well every day and appreciate him all the time, not waiting for a day in February to do it. But just in case, I always make sure I mark the occasion in some way.
Which are you?


His Submissive Jewel is Available for Pre-Order #sirenauthor #BDSM

So excited about my upcoming release – His Submissive Jewel, the third in the Martinis and Chocolate Book Club Series!  It’s available for pre-order from Siren-Bookstrand at a 15% discount.

Noelle Carter is in Montana to help with her sister’s wedding. She didn’t plan on needing to be rescued from a dangerous storm, nor did she plan on falling for the sexiest man she’s ever met. When she finds out he’s the head of a family of Dominants, she knows she should move slowly, but her feelings are too great. She plunges into a relationship with him, reveling in the passion he can arouse with just a simple touch.

Cam Hunter knows he’s a strict Dom. He never thought he’d find the perfect woman and submissive, but Noelle has stolen his heart. She’s turned him inside out and upside down. One minute he wants to kiss her senseless and the next he wants to spank her bottom bright red.

When Noelle is hurt, he knows it’s no accident. Someone is targeting her, and if Cam wants a lifetime with his woman, he’ll need to find the person responsible.



What I’ve Learned About Writing in The Last Year

In March, I will have been a published writer for one year.  The upcoming milestone got me to thinking….. What have I learned about writing in the last year?

In no particular order….


  • Writers work incredibly hard.  Many work seven days a week – holidays, weekends, vacations.
  • Writing is hard work.  It’s hard on your eyes, your brain, your shoulders, back, and rear end.  I’ve taken many Advil and made many trips to the massage therapist and the chiropractor.  I’m still adjusting my ergonomics to get it just right.
  • Writers don’t worry about running out of ideas.  They have more ideas than time.
  • Writers worry about losing that awesome idea they had one minute before they fell asleep last night.
  • No, we really aren’t writing about our friends and neighbors.
  • I now understand why writers drink.  Enough said.
  • Writers are very generous.  They offer help and advice to newbies such as myself.  They believe in paying it forward.
  • You can never stop working at your craft.  Always try and make the next book even better than the last.
  • You never know what will capture the reader’s attention.
  • Getting paid to make stuff up is awesome.
  • Writing can be a humbling profession.  Ask anyone who’s been rejected or edited.

I can’t wait to see what 2013 will teach me.  What have you learned about writing?


What’s Planned for 2013? Lots! #sirenauthor

2012 was a life-changing year for me.  My first book was published and since then I’ve written six more.  Number seven will be released February 1st, 2013.  I’m currently working on number eight and making plans to leave my Evil Day Job to write full-time, hopefully by the end of February.  I’m a goal-oriented person, so I thought I would share my writing goals for 2013 and also some stretch goals.

  • I have three more Plenty books on the drawing board.  I’d like to get at least two of them written this year.  I’m currently working on Plenty, FL #4 and hope to have it done by mid-February.
  • I have two more Martinis and Chocolate Book Club books outlined – Tori and Lisa’s stories.  I definitely want to finish both of these this year.   This will complete the series.

Those are the books that I have outlined already, but you never know when a Plot Bunny will hit you on the top of the head and send you in a completely different direction!

I’ve also been contemplating a paranormal series involving shifters and alternate civilizations.  The world building is tricky and I’ve been hesitant to take it on.   When I begin writing full-time, I think it’s a challenge I’ll be ready for.  I’ve also been thinking about a time travel series to historically significant moments in the 20th century.  And last, but certainly not least, I’m planning a spin-off series for the Hunter family and ranch that I introduce in my upcoming book, His Submissive Jewel.

Thanks to all my wonderful readers for making 2012 the best year ever!

2013 is going to be an awesome year!


Plenty Of Love (Plenty, FL 3) Is Now On Amazon! And other news! #sirenauthor #menage

It’s almost Christmas Day and the Valentine houselhold has been very busy, writing, baking, and decorating!   I’ve been busily working away on Plenty Of Trust (Plenty, FL 4) and editing His Submissive Jewel (The Martinis and Chocolate Book Club 3).  His Submissive Jewel is scheduled to be out on Siren-Bookstrand February 1st.  I’m very excited about this one as it is some very hot BDSM.  Cameron Hunter is the ultimate cowboy Dom.  I’ll post excerpts soon!   But my biggest news…..

The third in the Plenty, Florida series – Plenty Of Love – is now on Amazon!



It’s A Plenty-ful Life! F ^ R ^ E ^ E Read! #menage #Plentyseries #sirenauthor

As a gift to my readers, I have posted a holiday themed free read on my website.  You can go to:

Click on Free Reads on the menu bar.  Enjoy!


Have a very safe and happy holiday season!





I’m Half Done, Dammit! Or The First Half of the Book is the Toughest

For me, the first half of the book is the toughest.  Once I round that corner, the second half seems to fly out of the tips of my fingers.  I can’t type fast enough to keep up with the story, pouring from my exhausted, aching brain.

Not so, the first half.  The first half is slow.  Painful.  Revised.  Revised again.  Scenes added.  Scenes deleted.  Character arcs that were supposed to be one way morph into something different because some bossy character just had to do something different.  My beta reader gets that look on her face and says something like, “Well, it’s a nice story so far, but, well, nothing really happened.”

Oh crap!  Did I forget to add the conflict?

Revise again.

Did I mention that I outline before I write?  I swear I create an outline just so my characters can laugh at it and go merrily on their way, doing whatever the hell they want.   The only good news is that I can use the same outline for the next book because this book won’t resemble that outline in any shape or form when I’m done.   Okay, it does resemble the outline, but there have been many major and minor deviations.

So, I’m starting a new book this week.  I have my character sketches, complete with growth arcs, and an outline with external conflict.  Here I go.  Let’s see how close the book is when I’m done.  I’ll say what I always say when I start a new book.

I’m going to stick to this outline, dammit.