Valentine’s Day… It’s Too Much Pressure! #sirenauthor

I tend to get a little stressed this time of year. It seems like society has placed a great deal of importance on a holiday that’s not even really a holiday. We don’t get the day off work and we still get mail. It’s not a REAL holiday.

But, billions of dollars are pumped in to the economy based on a cherubic toddler shooting arrows and the colors red and pink. Who am I to judge?

So I go along… I’ll head out to my favorite chocolatier this Thursday and buy my hubby and son some fancy chocolates. I’ll stop at Target or Publix and pick up a couple of cards, too. I’ll bow to societal pressure and make the day as special as I can. A special dinner and maybe a fancy dessert. It’ll be a great excuse to break out a new recipe.

And I’ll try and not be stressed. It’s not even a real holiday.


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day… It’s Too Much Pressure! #sirenauthor

  1. I always picture Cupid/Eros to be some buff guy with wings and a bow and arrow… My mind just rebels at the thought of giving a baby weapons…;-) It’s not worth the stress and it’s the thought that counts. Enjoy your day.

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