What I’ve Learned About Writing in The Last Year

In March, I will have been a published writer for one year.  The upcoming milestone got me to thinking….. What have I learned about writing in the last year?

In no particular order….


  • Writers work incredibly hard.  Many work seven days a week – holidays, weekends, vacations.
  • Writing is hard work.  It’s hard on your eyes, your brain, your shoulders, back, and rear end.  I’ve taken many Advil and made many trips to the massage therapist and the chiropractor.  I’m still adjusting my ergonomics to get it just right.
  • Writers don’t worry about running out of ideas.  They have more ideas than time.
  • Writers worry about losing that awesome idea they had one minute before they fell asleep last night.
  • No, we really aren’t writing about our friends and neighbors.
  • I now understand why writers drink.  Enough said.
  • Writers are very generous.  They offer help and advice to newbies such as myself.  They believe in paying it forward.
  • You can never stop working at your craft.  Always try and make the next book even better than the last.
  • You never know what will capture the reader’s attention.
  • Getting paid to make stuff up is awesome.
  • Writing can be a humbling profession.  Ask anyone who’s been rejected or edited.

I can’t wait to see what 2013 will teach me.  What have you learned about writing?



2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Writing in The Last Year

  1. Very true. This year I am learning to say no. I can’t do every project or special call that comes my way, and I have to set manageable limits for myself so I can still be healthy and have time for my family.

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