An Excerpt From Plenty Of Love (Plenty, FL 3) Now Available at Siren-Bookstrand! #menage #MMF

Today is release day for Plenty Of Love!  Let’s celebrate with an excerpt…

“I think our woman is anxious to be loved, babe. She’s practically naked already.”

Becca had divested herself of everything but her bra and panties. She was already reclining in the middle of the bed. Mark gave her a smirk.

“She does seem pretty ready. You don’t think they had a stripper at the girl’s night, do you?”

A stripper? If only.

Becca laughed. “We talked about it, but there are no strippers to be had in Plenty. Poor us.”

Travis walked over to the iPod dock. “That’s where you’re wrong, sweetheart. You just have to know where to look.”

Dance music filled the bedroom, and Becca sucked in a breath as she realized what they had in mind.

Holy hot damn.

Travis and Mark started dancing to the music. Travis was such a liar. Mark had perfect rhythm, moving sensuously to the music. They started plucking open the buttons on their shirts, each one revealing more and more of their muscled chests. She bit her lower lip as their shirts were peeled off their yummy bodies and thrown to the side. Travis started a bump and grind, and she had to bite down on her knuckle to keep from crying out in excitement. Mark pulled him close, and she bit her hand harder as their bodies pressed close together as their mouths met. They brushed against each other to the music, their erections tenting their jeans when they pulled apart. It was all she could do not to hop off the bed and fall to their feet in worship. They were the sexiest men she had ever seen. And they were all hers.

Becca’s panties were soaked with her honey and her nipples were tight with arousal as she watched them flick open the top buttons of their jeans and then start playing with the zippers. It seemed to take forever as they pulled them down one tooth at a time, pulled them up partway, then lowered them a little more. She had crawled to the end of the bed to get a closer look, and she reached out with greedy fingers to grab a handful of their jeans to pull them down. Mark quickly danced away with a grin, leaving her frustrated but even more turned on.

They both tugged their pants down at the same time, tossing them to the side, taking their socks with them. They were now only in boxer shorts, and she licked her lips in anticipation of their impressive cocks running over her tongue and filling her mouth. Mark pushed his boxer shorts off first, his dick already hard and throbbing. He danced to Travis and hooked his fingers in Travis’s shorts, tugging them down inch by inch. Travis’s cock sprung free, and Mark leaned down and gave it a playful lick. Becca’s pussy clenched, wanting to be filled with their cocks. They were so beautiful. She needed them so much.

Mark finally slid Travis’s shorts down his legs and tossed them right at Becca. She caught them with a giggle and gave them a triumphant twirl in the air. She fell back on the bed and applauded. It was the best show ever.

“Magic Mike’s got nothing on you two. That was awesome. How can I show my appreciation?”


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