Plenty Of Love (Plenty, FL 3) Is Available For Pre-order! #menage #sirenauthor

So excited about my upcoming release Plenty Of Love!  This is the third in the Plenty, FL series and is Becca, Travis, and Mark’s story.  I promise you’ll get an update on past characters and meet some new ones, too.


Becca Parks had given up on finding love, but she’s fallen hard for Mark Miller and Travis Andrews. When the two handsome men ask to court her, she’s thrilled. It’s clear they want her as part of their future.

Mark and Travis have been happily together for fifteen years. But the minute they clapped eyes on Becca in her Naughty Nurse Halloween costume, they knew she was their third. They can’t believe how lucky they are to find a woman so down to earth by day and so passionate and daring by night. There is only one obstacle. Before they can live happily ever after, they have to find the person who’s making trouble for Becca.

Becca loves her men and her brothers, but she can take care of herself. She’s all grown up and in charge of her life. It’s time to prove to everyone she’s more than your typical girl next door.


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