Welcome To My Special Guest – Cassandra Carr!

A Martinis and Chocolate welcome to author Cassandra Carr!  We’re here nibbling on chocolates and sipping on Cosmos while we talk about her latest release with Siren.  Join us!

This is part of a series. Are they any special challenges when writing for a series?  

Yes, you have to be cognizant of keeping character attributes consistent throughout the books. Additionally, and undoubtedly the bigger problem, is making sure each story stands alone and has a storyline that’s unique from the others. Especially in a ménage series, that’s not an easy thing!

Tell us about your latest book?

Double Vision is book 3 in the Buffalo Intimidators series. The main characters are Red (his nickname, but the only name anybody ever calls him), a 23-year-old guy just breaking into the NHL. The season before, which was his rookie season, was cut short by a serious knee injury which he’s still doing physical therapy for. Then there’s Fredrik, who’s 37 and staring down the barrel to the end of his career. Fredrik has a girlfriend named Liz. They’ve been together for a few months, and ask Red to join in one day when they’re messing around on the couch. He does, but after that all h-e-double-hockey-sticks (couldn’t resist) breaks loose.

Plotter or Pantser?

*snort* Total pantser. I usually have an “outline” of a page or less before I start writing. I put it on the bottom of the MS and erase the parts I’ve written already so I always know what I had planned next. That doesn’t mean I actually write what I had vaguely planned, but that’s okay. Despite that, my stories don’t usually go off the rails too badly.

What makes a great hero?

Part of the reason people read romance is to experience the vicarious thrill of falling in love, so you want your hero (or heroes, as the case may be) to be someone your readers can fall in love with. Whether that means he’s the strong, silent type, or the sensitive guy, or a clueless computer hacker who still manages to be adorable, you need to understand who your readers are and what they want. In my opinion, people don’t read romances for the heroines, they read them for the heroes.

Do you have anything in common with your characters?

Eh. Probably not. I do mash together pieces of people I know, people I meet, people I hear about, etc into some of my characters.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe that lust at first sight can grow into love at first sight. Or, well, love at a couple of months’ sight.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers trying to get published?

If you’re going to do it, do it. Finish that manuscript. There are tons of authors out there who have twenty unfinished manuscripts. Then authors make the mistake, when they’re pitching, to mention those, thinking it will impress an agent or editor that they’ve done that much writing. But what the editor or agent hears is, “I can’t finish a manuscript.” And they don’t want to work with authors who can’t finish a manuscript.

I could go on forever with advice for aspiring writers, but seriously, finish the manuscript. And don’t write a million drafts while you’re at it. You’ll end up editing out your voice. I turn in my third or fourth draft, depending on the story.

What is the hardest thing about being a writer?

Oh geez. So many things…readers, don’t think we writers have a glamorous job. We don’t. Right now I’m sitting in a Tim Hortons (it’s a donut/coffee chain in the Northern US & Canada) filling this out before I go get a massage for my chronic migraines. After my massage I’ll go somewhere else, leech off their free Wi-fi, and try to go through some email. I’ve got a million different projects at various stages, and I’m trying to juggle them all and not miss any deadlines. I’ve also got a new babysitter for my toddler and she’s not thrilled with changes in her routine, so she cries and clings to me every time I try to leave. Yes, I’m a working mother. Just because some of my work is done at home doesn’t mean I’m any less of a working mother. 😉

What are you currently working on?

*chuckles* Remember above where I mentioned a million different projects? Let’s see…I’m about to turn in a short for a second anthology I’m publishing with friends through Sybarite Seductions Publishing. Our first anthology came out in late June. This one is called Sexy Sports Shorts, and my story features a tennis instructor and his new student.

(Incidentally, the guy who just sat down next to me apparently bathed in Polo. It reminds me of my very first boyfriend, back in coughcough…)

I’m in edits for the third book in my Buckin’ Bull Riders series through Ellora’s Cave, Momentum, and a short story for the EC for Men line. At the time of my filling this out I’m waiting on, I believe, five or six other projects that are out on submission. I’m also writing the fourth book in the BBR series and a holiday novella for Loose Id.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Not writing? I’m sorry, what did you say? *reads question again* Huh. Lemme think about that. Well, I do try to spend a couple of hours a day hanging out with my husband and my daughter. I watch Sabres games. I also watch a couple of television shows, but I’m not big into television since it cuts into my writing time.

How can you fans find you on the net?


Thanks for having me here today!


2 thoughts on “Welcome To My Special Guest – Cassandra Carr!

  1. I’m a project manager via the home evil day job, which I somehow manage to get done around my kids and writing. Not really sure how I get anything done. It’s impressive how many stories you have up in the air and swirling around. Fun interview, thanks, Lara and Cassandra

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