Those lazy days of summer are quickly passing #sirenauthor

Despite living in Florida, which can get as hot and humid as swamp, I really enjoy summer.  No homework for my son, schedules are more relaxed, heck, people are just more relaxed in the summer.  Life seems to slow down just a smidgen.  And couldn’t we all use just a smidgen every now and then?

But as much as I enjoy summer, I love the fall.  It’s my season.  Yeah, I know… I live in Florida.  There is no freakin’ fall.

I’ve lived in Florida since 1989 and I still expect to walk outside to cool air when school supplies show up in the stores.  I still remember how leaves crunch under my feet and how they smell when they burn in a bonfire.  I love the shorter days because it gives me a reason to curl up earlier in bed with a good book.  I love Halloween.

I love the scary movies they show on television.  I’ve seen every Michael Myers movie ever made – even the terrible ones.  I love watching the shows about haunted places.  I love candy, costumes, and spooky decorations.  My house sports a haunted graveyard in the front every year.

I like college football on Saturdays.  I like putting on a sweater in the evening.  I like cooking a pot roast for hours in the oven or chili in the crockpot.

I love fall.

And even though it won’t be cool by anyone’s standards for months here, I still know how fall feels.

What’s your favorite season?


3 thoughts on “Those lazy days of summer are quickly passing #sirenauthor

  1. I’m in Florida, too. I couldn’t have said it better. I only miss winter and snow on Christmas morning and when I’m in the mood to go carrolling. Back in Chicago we’d have an awesome carrolling party, hitting the homes in my friend’s subdivision, then going back to the party for some hot wassail (non-alcoholic version also made for the kids).

  2. I’m in Kansas, and MOST years we have four distinct seasons, but last winter was very mild and dry, and this summer has been uber hot. So we basically skipped the snowy cold, and I missed it. (I can’t believe I said that out loud.) Thankfully the weather did break over the weekend, and instead of 110 degrees it was only 82 today. A much better change for the kids to go back to school tomorrow.

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