Plenty To Learn is available at Amazon #sirenauthor #menage

Plenty To Learn (Plenty, FL 2) is now available at Amazon.  How about a snippet to celebrate?


Jillian sighed. “Of course. It’s just I’ve never seen her act like that. Most of the time she’s getting on my case about my career, or boyfriend, or my wardrobe. She hasn’t done that once since she got here. It’s weird.”

Ryan’s lips twisted into a smile. “Did you ever think that she doesn’t have anything to criticize anymore? You’re in the right town, the right career, with two men who think you hung the moon. And your ass in those jeans is making me crazy, by the way.”

Jillian opened her mouth to reply, but his words took her breath away. He was right. Her life was finally where it needed to be. The pieces were finally falling into place. Even if her mother tried to criticize her, she would know that her life was good. Perhaps her mother’s nagging had been her way of pushing her toward a different life. Things were taking on a whole new light. But there was that remark she needed to address.

“What did you say about my ass, Sheriff?”

Ryan gave her a swat on that ass and pulled her into his arms, caressing the butt cheek he’d just warmed up. “I said your fine ass has been driving me crazy all night. It was all I could do not to bend you over a table and fuck you hard right there in front of the church choir and the ladies’ auxiliary.”

“Not to mention my mother and your father.” She rubbed herself against him and felt his hard cock pushing on his fly. “Jack got to spank my ass, you know. Are you jealous?”

She wanted to tease him just a little. She’d enjoyed that spanking, and Cassie had been right about coming hard right after one. Maybe she could goad Ryan into spanking her tonight, too.

Ryan had a speculative gleam in his eye. “No, I’m not. Why should I be? I intend on being the first to fuck this ass, so it’s fine with me that Jack was the first to spank it.”

Jillian could feel her face get warm and her pussy get wet at his dirty talk. “Keep your voice down! I can’t believe you just declared to God and country that you intend to take me, well, you know.”

“In your ass? God already knew, and this is Plenty. Doubt anyone would be surprised.”

That was probably true. The town was filled with menageamous relationships. A person couldn’t help but hear the women talk about being taken by two men at the same time. In hushed tones, of course. The thought of being fucked at the same time made her hotter than hell. She was nervous, though. She had heard it would hurt a little. She had known going in to date two men that they would expect it. She just didn’t expect Ryan to talk about it. She should have known better. Ryan liked to talk about everything.



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