It’s release day for Plenty To Learn (Plenty, FL 2) #menage #sirenauthor

It’s release day for Plenty To Learn!  I’m so excited about Jillian, Ryan, and Jackson’s story.  Here’s a little peek inside…

“No, don’t untie me. I like it.”

Ryan reached into the drawer in the nightstand and came up with a jar and a paintbrush.

“I have quite the sweet tooth. I’m going to paint this chocolate all over your sexy body while you’re restrained. You can lie there and anticipate what it will feel like when I lick it all off.”

Jillian’s brain shorted out at the thought of Ryan’s tongue running all over her skin, licking off the chocolate.

Holy shit!

He dipped the paintbrush in the jar and began running the brush across her collarbone, sweeping up into the hollow where her neck met shoulder. The soft bristles of the brush tickled her already sensitized skin, and she giggled in response. Ryan smiled.

“Tickles, huh? That’s not the exact response I was going for.”

He continued painting across her shoulders and neck, hitting ticklish spots every so often. He painted down her ribcage and up to the sensitive underside of her breasts. More chocolate was painted in ever smaller circles around her nipple. By the time he reached them, her nipples were tight and begging to be painted. He covered them with a thick layer of chocolate, tickling her with the brush until her back was arched and she was tugging at the restraints to get closer to his torturous brush.

“This was more the response I was trying to get.”


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