June 11th goes “Skin Deep” by Alicia White #sirenauthor #menage

My friend Alicia White and I are releasing books on the same day – Monday, June 11th.  Check out her hot new release, now available for pre-order!

Selene Foster and Damon Johnson have been close for years. They are more than friends—they are lovers. The dynamic of their relationship makes them both uncertain, since circumstances have prevented them from truly being together. They both left the West Coast when Selene turned eighteen. She was desperate to achieve her goal as a tattoo artist, and Damon wanted to be near her.

Nicholas Elias is the owner of Olympus, a hotel and casino off the strip in Las Vegas. He has been seeing Selene as a client for over a year. They flirt, they touch, and he hopes that they can have more. He invites both Selene and Damon to a members-only club where BDSM and ménage are welcome.

The three of them start a journey of exploration to see if three unlikely people can end up having a happily ever after.



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