Plenty To Learn (Plenty, FL 2) is available for pre-order! #menage #sirenauthor

Plenty To Learn (Plenty, FL 2) is now available for pre-order from Siren-Bookstrand!  This is Jillian, Ryan, and Jackson’ story.  Here’s a little excerpt…

“I’m guessing that this won’t be the last time that you want to kick Jack’s ass or mine for that matter. We’re not easy men, honey. We like to have things our own way most of the time. That’s why you’re perfect for us. You won’t let us get away with anything.”

Ryan grinned when Jillian poked him in the chest. “Damn straight, Sheriff. Best you remember that, too. You and Jack are going to start toeing the line from now on.”

Ryan laughed and tossed Jillian back on the bed. “All our friends will say we’re pussy whipped. It’d be a sad day in Plenty when my town can’t respect me, woman.”

Jillian started giggling, and Ryan’s heart rolled over in his chest. Damn, she was perfect.

“Pussy whipped? I can’t think of any two men less pussy whipped than you and Jack. But I can certainly try to get you there. I’ve never had a man pussy whipped over me before, let alone two.”

Ryan came down on top of her, caging her in with his arms. “Then let the pussy whipping begin. Give it your best shot, honey.”

Her small hands caressed his chest before moving down to rub the bulge in his jeans. He groaned, and Jillian gave him a wicked smile.

“It’s on, Sheriff.”


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