A Sunday Snippet from Plenty To Learn #sirenauthor #menage

Here’s a little snippet from Plenty To Learn (Plenty, FL 2).  It will be released from Siren on June 11th.  Enjoy!

Ryan unlocked the front door before pressing his shoulder into her middle and lifting her off the ground. She squealed as her vision turned upside down. She was once again staring at Ryan’s fine ass. She didn’t bother to struggle, and he easily took the stairs two at time, despite her added weight.

She bounced a few times when he dropped her on the bed.

“Agreed, honey. Jack was acting like a huge asshole to you tonight. What do you plan to do about it?”

She smiled and reached for his belt buckle. “I’m planning to fuck his brother’s brains out, first of all. Second of all, I’m planning to make him suffer until he grovels a little. Or maybe a lot. I haven’t decided on the quantity or quality of groveling that will be required. But, mark my words, there will be groveling.”

Ryan laughed and covered her hand with his large one and helped her unbuckle his belt. “I’m on board with your entire plan, especially part one. He really does love you. He just needs to grow up a little. He’s scared of commitment.”




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