Cover Reveal for Doctor’s Orders!

I just love my new cover!  My latest release – Doctor’s Orders  (MF BDSM) – will be out on May 14th from Siren.  Here’s the gorgeous cover and a little snippet…

Nate felt her pull back a little, and he looked down into her soft, emerald-green eyes. He could feel the sizzle of awareness running between them, and he felt her shiver as he slid his hand up her spine, across the silky skin over her collarbone, and traced her full, soft lips until they parted. The sultry music washed over him, and he knew he would never hear this song again without thinking of this moment—without thinking of her.

Nate saw the expression on her face change as she started to speak. He wouldn’t let her break the mood.

“Hush. You do not have permission to speak.” He used his darkest, most commanding dominant voice and was rewarded with her mouth closing and her pupils dilating. She nodded in acquiescence.

He continued to explore her soft lips then ran his fingers across her jaw before tangling in her long auburn hair, wrapping the silky strands around his fingers. He used them to gently tug her head back as he leaned forward to whisper in the shell of her ear, “I think you like it when I’m in charge, Bri.”



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