Welcome Siren Author Of The Week… Peyton Elizabeth

 We’re sipping flirtini’s and nibbling on truffles today because Siren exclusive author Peyton Elizabeth is joining us to talk about her latest release.  Welcome Peyton!


This is part of a series. Are they any special challenges when writing for a series?

Let me first say, I love writing a series!  The characters to choose from are endless and I love seeing how previous couples are faring later on down the line.  The biggest challenge for me, in writing a series, is how much of a back-story I should explain with each new book.  In the case of new readers, I feel they should be given a history.  With readers who are current on the series, I don’t want to reiterate too much, and have them feel they are reading the same material.  There is a very fine balance between the two.

Tell us about your latest book?

My latest book is called Noble Sensations.  It is the third book in my series called Nature’s Nobles.  I love these characters!  I write ménages, as I love the dynamics between three people.  The series revolves around a group of unique men and women who were born with special abilities, i.e. reading other’s thoughts, being able to inflict pain on other’s, or immobilizing people.  Noble Sensations revolves around two Nobles, Ace and Kalen, who are assigned to protect a charming, socially inept scientist named Clarissa.  While trying to keep her safe, they discover a potentially destructive secret she is keeping from them.  The question then arises can they get past her betrayal before the person trying to kill her succeeds?  It is fast paced with a little bit of humor injected into the story.  And who doesn’t love men that have special abilities to enhance sex!

Plotter or Pantser?

I am definitely a Pantser!  I open a blank page and write until I type the words “The End”!

What makes a great hero?

Just the word ‘hero’ makes me hum in appreciation!  I think we all fantasize about heroes, but no two heroes are ever alike.  While I try to make each hero a little different, their core foundation remains the same – honor, loyalty, compassion, integrity, and courage.  And as much as we love these characteristics in our heroes, we must not forget they are human and have their flaws.  I think it’s these tragic flaws that draw us in and want to love them.

Do you have anything in common with your characters?

That is a loaded question!  But, I must answer honestly and say yes!  There is a little of me in every heroine.  I will let you guess what these things might be!

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I would like to say I do believe in love at first sight, although I know of only one couple that has proven it exists!

Have there been any real-life love stories that have inspired you?

This question relates back to love at first sight.  My grandparents inspired me greatly!  They met before WWII, in their backyards over a clothesline.  My grandmother took one look at him, ran back in the house, and informed her family that she met the man she was going to marry!  Within months, before he left for the service, they married in a small ceremony.  My grandmother wrote to him a couple months later, informing him that he was going to be a father.  He wrote back, telling her he already had a name for their child (who is my mother).  Unfortunately, my grandfather was overseas when my mother was born, but both she and my grandmother were waiting for him upon his return.  They both lived well into their 80’s, happily married.  It doesn’t get sweeter than that!

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Can I just say everyone?  I love to read!  These are only a handful of authors that I love, but here you go:  J.R. Ward, Leah Brooke, Tymber Dalton, and Cherise Sinclair.  I could go on, but it could take hours!

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers trying to get published?

From an emotional standpoint – never be afraid to strive for your dream, as I think fear plays such a big part in success.  Go for it!  From a professional standpoint – you need to know your style of writing and choose publishing companies accordingly.  This will go a long way to minimize time that could otherwise be spent doing what you love – which is writing.

What is the hardest thing about being a writer?

The first answer that popped into my head was nothing!  But if I really think about it (and this might sound silly), I find creating small blurbs for advertisement hard.  I can write a 40,000 word book in less than a month, but when it comes to a 25 word blurb to sum it up….I stress for hours!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on the fourth book of Nature’s Nobles.  My heroine is a Noble that can find a missing person with nothing more than an object they have touched.  A young girl has gone missing and her brothers demand the police do more to find her.  This is when my heroine takes over the case and realizes there is more to life than just work!

What do you do when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing, I spend time with my son and family.  I’m a homebody by nature.  My perfect evening is to order a pizza, rent a movie, and snuggle on the couch!

How can you fans find you on the net?

You can visit my website at www.peytonelizabethauthor.com or my publishing companies website at www.sirenpublishing.com.  I also love to interact with readers on Facebook.  My Facebook link is www.facebook.com/peytonelizabeth.author.

About Peyton Elizabeth…

I find that romance is like a cup of coffee.  Sometimes I just need that extra sweetness!  Which is why I chose to write in the erotica genre of romance (yes, with my favorite cinnamon coffee and large mug in hand)!

I live in the Midwest with a wonderful son and too many animals to count.  I have a very supportive family, which came in handy when I decided to switch my financial career of seventeen years to writing. As with most authors, I have been an avid reader most of my life and dabbled in writing since my early teens.

We all have those times when reality becomes too much and we need something to lighten our hearts.  The passing of my husband happened way before it should have and I live to write the happy ending I didn’t get to have.

Here’s to lightening our hearts!

**raising coffee cup in salute**


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