Plenty To Learn To Be Released In June! #eroticromance #menage

I’m so excited to announce that Plenty To Learn (Plenty, FL 2) has been accepted by Siren and is slated for a June release date for the e-book and November for print.

This is Jillian, Jackson, and Ryan’s story and I had so much fun writing it.  Here’s a little snippet…


Jillian rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, you two are like romantic heroes from a book.  Relax, I have lube in the nightstand.”

They actually looked more shocked. 

“What do you have lube for?” Ryan asked.

Jillian felt her face get warm.  “I use it when I’m…well, I have a couple of toys, and…”

Jackson grinned.  “What do you need plastic toys for when you have two toys right here?”

Ryan pulled open the drawer and began to rummage through it.  “I’ve got to see this.”

Jillian tried to pull him away.  “Hey, most women have a goody drawer.  I’m not weird or anything.  I wasn’t sleeping with anyone before you.  What’s a girl to do?”

“Not make us wait months, perhaps?  Well, will you take a look at this?”  Jillian almost died of embarrassment as Ryan held up her vibrator.  She could only imagine how it appeared to the men.  The vibrator was about six inches long, shocking pink, with rabbit ears to stimulate her clit.  It was her go-to toy.  She always got off with it. 

“Holy crap.  It’s fucking pink.  What else is in there, bro?” 


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