Saturday Snippet – Plenty To Come #menage #eroticromance

Plenty To Come is now on Amazon!  Here’s a brief snippet to whet your appetite.

Zach was having none of that. He caught her by the ankle and tugged her toward him. “Nope, Cassie. You are about to get kissed. I’ve been thinking about this since Friday night.”

Zach tugged Cassie into his arms and pushed her back on the lounge chair. She sucked in a breath as he leaned in and gently took her lips with his own. She had been thinking about this, too, since Friday night. She opened to him without hesitation, and he sucked her tongue into his mouth. God, he tasted good—just a hint of beer and something spicy she couldn’t identify.

Zach lifted his head briefly to angle his kiss, and Cassie’s heart beat faster as she caught the carnal need and lust in his eyes. He wasn’t bothering to hide how he felt, and she knew without a doubt that Zach wanted her. And, God, did she want him badly, too. Her nipples had peaked against her lacy bra and were begging for Zach’s fingers and tongue.


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