Writing Is Not A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

I’m not rolling in dough.  Few of us are, I guess.  I have a day job that pays decently and a 24/7  job – mommy – that doesn’t pay anything but hugs and kisses.  Not that I don’t love those…. but I digress.

So I took up writing as a third job.  (Yeah, I covered this in my “I’m exhausted” post.)  I’m now actually selling books to people who aren’t friends or related to me in any way.  Cool.

So a friend of mine asked about “the writing thing” (her words), and said “You must be really raking in the dough now.”

Um, no.

I won’t be quitting that day job anytime soon.  In fact, maybe ever.  (sob)  I assume my friend is thinking about famous writers like Stephen King or Nora Roberts when she makes comments like that.  I am neither of those people.  I started to explain about the royalty structure and how often publishing houses pay out royalties, and how you need a backlist of titles, yada, yada.  Her eyes glazed over.  Then she asked the inevitable question.

“Why do it then?”

I started to talk about how cool it is to write a book, to create something, and yes, to see people buy them.  I just smiled and said, “This is my dream.”

Why do you write?

***Just a note to those that have purchased Plenty To Come.  Thank you all!   I broke the top 20 on Bookstrands bestseller list.  This first-time author is overwhelmed.  I am so grateful to you all!


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