When Did They Declare A War on Women?

When did they declare a war on women?  Was I not paying attention?

Suddenly, I feel like I’m trapped in 1964.  Everywhere I look it is suddenly acceptable to bash and belittle women.  From an actual debate on birth control (with no actual women present) to some asshat saying that women just need to keep their knees together to another airhead that thinks women should expect to be raped.  When the Tea Party said it wanted to “Take Back America”, I didn’t realize it meant taking it back a couple of generations.  Apparently, the “Good Old Days” are equivalent to when women stayed home, shut up, and birthed 2.5 children while wearing high-heels and pearls.  We’re not even good enough any longer to have adequate medical care.  Politicians are now debating pap smears…. Really???

It is frightening to me that disrespecting women is socially acceptable within a segment of our society.  A segment that holds themselves up as defenders of the family and Christian values.  Have these people felt this way their whole lives?  Why do they now feel safe to treat women as second class citizens?

These are the same people who scream about less government interference.  But when it comes to my sex life or my uterus, they are all up in my business.

Just a few things I want to say:

  • I respect all political opinions when they are grounded in facts, not emotions.
  • When you make decisions from a place of fear, nothing good can come from it.
  • Women in this country deserve respect.  We are mothers, daughters, workers, fighters, lovers.  We are amazing.
  • We must stand up for our rights and let this segment of society know that we will not go backwards.  We can only go forward without fear.
  • Our success does not diminish a man’s success.  There is enough to go around.  There is no scarcity.

Because women have banded together we have been able to push this country forward.  We need to stand strong.  Write our congressperson, the president.  Contribute to causes that speak to us.  Our voice can only be silenced, if we stop talking.


6 thoughts on “When Did They Declare A War on Women?

  1. Disturbing isn`t it, they want to take away women`s rights, and I believe choosing pregnancy or not is a right for women. It`s kinda scary.

  2. From one Tammie to another – I salute you! Well said, without all the outraged and crude epithets and threats of shovels to the head that I surely would have used as literary device!

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