What Is Sexy?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a list of things that I think are sexy:

  • The way a guy smells when he gets out of the shower.  That mix of soap and man gets me every time.
  • That scruff of a beard when he doesn’t shave on the weekend.
  • The way he looks in a well-cut business suit.  Maybe I should take some dictation….
  • A man holding a baby like he knows how.
  • A man who holds my hand on airplane take off and landing.  Yeah, I’m a wimp about those.
  • A guy who is in charge of his life.  Victims need not apply.
  • A guy who goes after what he wants, but doesn’t hurt anyone along the way.
  • A man who is secure enough to wear a pink shirt.
  • A man who has no clue he is sexy.

What do you think is sexy?



4 thoughts on “What Is Sexy?

  1. A nice smelling man is definitely sexy. I’m a sucker for a man in a pair of nice fitting blue jeans; gets me hot every single time. I also appreciate a nice smile.

  2. A man who likes a challenge. A man who sees a challenge as a way to grow. And a man who challenges others (especially me).

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