Does penis size matter?

This is a repost of a blog from August 2011.  It generated the highest number of visits to my blog and I thought it was worth a second look.

In my earlier post, I talked about how men in erotic romance novels are all hung like bears.  That blog got the highest number of hits since I started this blogging thing…. so it seemed like a Part 2 was in order.  What is big?  What is average?  What is small?

According to my Google research, the largest cock is 13.5 inches fully erect.  Personally, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near anything that big.  I’m tiny and that many inches just sounds painful.  But apparently, I am one of just a few women that appreciate a more average size dick.  I found a survey and here are some highlights:

More than 50% of women have actually measured their man’s cock.

36% have been with a guy that is 10″ or longer

26% have been with a guy 8.5 to 10″

18% have been with a guy 7.5 to 8″

That’s 3/4 of the women that have been with a pretty well-endowed man.  Hmmmm… maybe women are all sleeping with the same men?

44% have been with a man with more than 6.5″ of girth

32% more than 5.5″ of girth.

That’s alot of girth.

71% said that a bigger cock felt great.  Much better.

8% said it hurt.

62% of women have dumped a man due to a small cock.  Remember 75% of women said they had been with a guy 7.5″ or larger.

71% say that length and girth are equally important.

Okay, here for the really interesting part…. this was the MEN answering:

49% of the men said they have a cock 7.5″ or larger

30% of them have a girth 6.5″ or larger

3% of them have a penis 3.5 to 4″ (hard to believe they fessed up to that one….)

So…… either women have trouble with spatial relationships or well-endowed men are getting lots more action.  49% of the men are sleeping with 75% of the women.

No one commented on whether guys with big cocks were smarter, more interesting, nicer to them, more generous with gifts, or how plentiful the orgasms were.

My take on this is that a 7 or 8 inch cock is plenty as long as he has some oral skills to back him up.


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