Come for me

Can a woman really come on command?

Many of the books I have read seem to think so.  All the man seems to have to do is say “Come for me” and she shudders in pleasure.  But can this really happen?  Can you really train someone to come on command?

I suppose if you take a Pavlovian point of view, you can.  I definitely think you could train someone to get aroused on command.  If that person knew that pleasure always followed a certain command they could definitely become aroused.  But an orgasm?  That seems more difficult.

If you tease a person long enough and hold back their climax long enough then YES!  I think you can come on command.  But if they were just sitting there drinking an ice tea and discussing Michelle Bachman, for example, could they come on command.  Personally, I think not.

What do you think?


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