A trip downtown

Erotic romance seems to be full of oral sex.  The pages are filled with sucking and licking.  And the enthusiasm!  If these books are to be believed, women all over the country are on their knees at this very moment deep throating a 9 or 10 incher and begging for him to blow his wad down their throats.  And the men… they spend their days fantasizing about licking and tasting a pussy wanting their woman to come on their face.  Of course, they only want their woman’s pussy but they are awfully skilled at it to have just discovered a love for taking a trip downtown.  These men seem to have a life long passion for it.  In their own words, “I could stay down here all night.”

Enter the real world. <SIGH>

In the real world most women know that they can’t suck cock like a man can.  Never mind our mouths and throats are usually smaller, we don’t have a cock so we just don’t understand you know?  We also aren’t usually begging for a man to blow down our throats.   Not once have I talked to one of my friends and she’s said, “And I begged him to come in my mouth.”  It was usually more like “He forgot to pull out before he came so I refused to speak to him for the rest of the night after I gagged and spit.  It’s going to be a while before I suck that asshole’s cock again!”

It appears that in D/s relationships, from what I have read, the submissive is expected to swallow… and like it.  The Master’s cum is a sort of gift to the submissive and they should be damn grateful, even thank their Master and tell them how good it tasted.  That’s real submission.  But I digress…

The men in books just LOVE to lick pussy.  I haven’t found this in real life too often.  Most of my friends say they only way their man takes a trip downtown is if they are guilted in to it by their woman. And AFTER marriage?  Forget it.  It’s like they have forgotten that particular sex move even existed.  Yes, there have been a few exceptions through the years.  I knew one personally in my early twenties.  I must say despite his enthusiasm for licking pussy he really wasn’t all that good at it.  But hey, he tried, and that’s all most women care about.  You tried.

So I guess that’s why there is so much licking and sucking in a romance novel.



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