Does size really matter?

Does size really matter?  It must… at least when writing erotic romance.  I have read a lot, and I do mean a lot, of erotic romance books.  Almost without exception that leading man is packing some serious artillery.   The heroine – no matter how sexually experienced – is usually like a stunned bunny when she witnesses his cock.  It’s huge!  Will it fit?  Will I be able to take it?  Will it hurt?  She’s never seen a cock anywhere that big!  Wow!  And that big cock always is shaped just right to rub against that G-spot too.

I never read a description of the hero that goes something like this:

His shoulders were wide and sculpted, leading down to a flat abdomen, hard muscled thighs, and… an average size dick.

I guess that would be a real let down, huh?

It must be important.

While, ball size is not.  I have heard a few women remark about the size of a man’s cock, but never his balls.  And by the way, let me be clear here.  RARELY have I ever heard a woman say that a man had a big cock.  Usually, you only hear when the poor bastard was packing well, less than average.  And even then, the woman hastened to add that the he had a great tongue or hands, or he could cook and clean up after himself.  My guess is that 9 and 10 inch dicks are not abundant in the wild, but I could be wrong. Maybe women who had a man packing that many inches isn’t telling anyone else for fear of losing said man and inches.

So back to ball size.  Never have I heard a woman or read about a woman saying, “He had such a nice large nut sac.  I wanted to fuck him then and there.”  We probably wouldn’t even notice if the balls were gone to tell the truth.

So, when I write about my hero’s cock… should he be big or average?  Perhaps my next blog should be about what is average?


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