The difference between men and women

A good friend told me a story a long time ago that I have never forgotten… she was a wise woman and today I share it with all of you….

There is a difference between men and women and we have to stop asking men to act like women.  Here is her story:

She was cleaning her husband’s bathroom one day and opened one of the vanity drawers and found a birthday card she had given him a few years back.  Awwwww!  She was so touched that her husband had kept this card!  How romantic!  How wonderful!  What an amazingly sensitive man she had married.  I am pretty sure he got laid that night.

Fast forward a month or so later… she is walking by his bathroom while he is getting ready for work.  He is using the previously mentioned birthday card…. to dry his underarms after using his deodorant.  <Cue deflating balloon>  Whether he got laid this night is a fifty-fifty shot, I am guessing.

What a let down, huh?  She actually told me this story laughing although she told me this story about a week before I got married.  Obviously trying to tell me something….?

You see, she said, men are different than women.  So don’t expect them to understand what a Hallmark card means to you because it means an armpit dryer to them.


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