Being sexy and a mom

I just got off a cruise ship where I spent the week with my husband and son… and a bunch of other parents and their kids.  Kids were the main point of this particular cruise.  But considering the size of the staterooms, most parents were in “sexual timeout” all week, I imagine.  As I read my trashy romance novel on the verandah of our stateroom, I couldn’t help but wonder why more romance novels don’t feature parents.  Are we boring?  Not spontaneous?  Do kids really “cramp our style” that much?  Maybe, it is just that the world is a little uncomfortable with parents who are still romantic?  After 13 years of marriage and a messy pregnancy, I still hold my husband’s hand.  I like to do that.  It makes me feel like we are still dating.  Does it make people uncomfortable to think that the mommy and daddy at the next table are having wild, kinky sex?  Or any sex at all?  Maybe it reminds them that their parents had sex and gasp!!…. might still have sex?  Okay, that is a queasy thought.

But I want to think that it is okay for parents to be romantic…  What do you think?


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