What makes a great hero?

I have been thinking about what makes a great hero in a book….

He has to be handsome, but not a pretty boy.

He has to be alpha, but not a total prick.

He has to be in shape, but from real, manly work, not doing pilates or yoga.

He has to be sensitive enough that he wants to understand his woman, but not so sensitive that he really does understand.

He has to have friends, male friends, that like him and he hangs around with and does stuff.

He has to like and appreciate women but not be a slave to his mother.

He should be good at cooking on a grill.

He knows how to take care of himself – cooking, cleaning, laundry, and isn’t looking for a woman to do it.

He really wants to be a dad, but isn’t too damn sure he is going to like changing diapers.

He should be intelligent, but he doesn’t have to be book smart.

He shouldn’t have any more hair products in his bathroom than I do.

He should be awesome in bed, duh!

What do you think makes a great hero?


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