That Eye Roll

I got the eye roll recently.  It was my own fault really.  I should have known better but was caught unaware while digging through my purse for a credit card to pay for lunch.

“Any big plans for the weekend”, they asked me.

“No”, I said digging deeper into my wallet for my Visa, “Clean the house, do laundry, visit the gym, maybe write a little.”

Oh Damn!  Did I say that out loud.  Yep, I did.

Immediately the questions were fired right and left from my usually laid back lunch companions – What are you writing?  Can I read it?  Does your husband know you write?  Is it any good?

(Answers: a book, NO!, yes, I don’t know)


You see, I am writing an erotic romance novel.  So of course when I told them, I got the eye roll.  Because let’s face it… romance writers don’t get a whole lot of respect and erotic romance writers… heck we are one step above a carnival worker.   I love my friends but they think this is easy.  But it is not!  It is not easy to write a heroine that you really like but don’t hate because she is too freakin’ perfect.  And writing a hero that you can fall in love with, is manly, but not so manly that he grates on your nerves and makes you want to call Gloria Steinem or so wimpy and sensitive that he practically needs a tampon.  Go ahead, try it.  Not so damn easy.

But I continue to do it because I really love it.  Because it gives me a creative outlet at 2am when I cannot sleep.  Because I really do believe in Happily Ever After but heck can’t they have some nooky too?!?!

So, this blog is going to be about my journey to become an erotic romance writer.  It may branch off in to stuff about reading erotic romance, or working and writing, or being a mom and writing, or being a wife and writing.  But mostly it will be about my journey.  I hope you join me for this journey and share your own.  If anyone out there wants to read a partly finished manuscript…. well, let me know.  Sharing with a stranger is a heck of a lot easier than sharing with my lunch mates.


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